Outlook Tips and Tricks for Increasing Productivity and Staying Organized

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails you receive daily? Do you need help meeting deadlines? Learn quick tips and tricks to make Outlook work for you. Outlook is more than email. It’s a personal information manager to streamline workloads and boost productivity. Create and delegate tasks, share calendars and contacts with co-workers. Use mail merge to send personalized emails automatically to an entire list. Set up email signatures and templates to gain efficiencies. 

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Explain how to use the task module to manage a to do list

Objective 2: Outline steps to quickly transfer email into a calendar or task item.

Objective 3: Discuss ways to identify and eliminate obstacles.


Brianne King, Executive Director , Washington ASBO, Tumwater, WA

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