SFO Exam Prep V: Ancillary Services and Final Wrap Up

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While much of an SFO’s role encompasses financial areas that students may never know about, the transportation and food service areas are a crucial component of operations management, as both areas work directly to meet student needs. In this module, you’ll learn what to consider for managing transportation and food services that best serve your students, as well as the state and federal regulations, accounting guidelines, and procedures required to help them run efficiently.


Objective 1: Explain the role that ancillary services play in supporting education.

Objective 2: Identify key factors in determining whether transportation and food service should be operated in-house or contracted.

Objective 3: Understand the role that federal and state regulations play in the provision of ancillary services.


Dr. David Bein, SFO
Asst Supt of Business Services/CSBO, Barrington CUSD 220

Knowledge Level:

SFO Domains:

Management of Ancillary Services