SFO Exam Prep III: Risk Management and Facilities

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All districts risk suffering loss or damage to their property, personnel, and reputation. Risk management anticipates and limits risks that may negatively affect the district. Research on learning validates the effect of the environment on the learner. Factors such as adequate capacity, appropriate sound, light, and temperature as well as the design of space affect an individual’s ability to learn or to work. Effective and efficient facility management contributes to the educational process by providing the environment in which instructional programs are delivered. Expertise in areas such as facility planning, operations, and maintenance are competencies essential for school business officials.


Objective 1: Understand risk in schools and the school risk management process.

Objective 2: Understand facility management and planning.

Objective 3: Understand facility maintenance and operations.

Objective 4: Understand facility construction and property acquisition.


Jim Westrum, CPA, RSBA, CSRM, SFO
Executive Director of Finance and Business, Wayzata Public Schools, Wayzata, MN

Knowledge Level:

SFO Domains:

Risk Management Activities
Management of School Facilities