The New Normal – Pivoting to New Education Requirements While Adhering to Reduced Budgets


This webinar features a holistic approach to school solutions during this time.  Our speakers talk about a healthier and safer school environment (cleaning capabilities), print solutions as it pertains to required signage (mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing), spacing solutions (furniture, desk shields), and print services solutions (efficiency and print security for schools with sensitive information).  This is a multi-solution approach that includes cost saving solutions for the districts; and will also include success stories.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Learn about solutions for new education safety requirements.

Objective 2: Understand how these solutions can help support long-term efficiency in school districts.

Objective 3: Explore budget conscious ways to create safer and healthier schools.


Tim Maurer, Workspace Facilities Manager, Office Depot

Marina Fletcher, Senior Furniture Design Manager, Office Depot

John Ferraiuolo, Senior Manager, Managed Print Services, Office Depot

David Ramirez, Print Services Development Manager, Office Depot

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Management of School Facilities