School’s in Session: Safe Cleaning in a COVID-19 Climate


A buildings and grounds director teams up with Green Seal to answer pressing questions around what it really takes to safely and effectively combat the coronavirus in schools. Learn what you need to know about using foggers, electrostatic sprayers, green cleaning alternatives, and one of the most important defenses against the virus: a well-trained staff. Plus, learn cost-effective tips to procure safe cleaning supplies on a budget. As your district works to uphold new standards of sanitation, ensure you have a full understanding of all how to effectively and responsibly clean and disinfect your schools.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Be able to address the common myths about the effectiveness of green cleaning products and learn the science behind eradicating the coronavirus.
Objective 2: Understand which disinfectant measures to avoid and alternative solutions.
Objective 3: Learn practical ways to involve, empower, and train custodial staff.
Objective 4: Understand the potential cost savings and procurement advantages of using green products.


Doug Gatlin, CEO, Green Seal
Arthur Tobin, Director of Building and Grounds, North Branch Public Schools

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Management of School Facilities



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