Academic Return on Investment: Staffing by the Numbers


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Districts struggle with staffing. How many teachers, counselors, special ed staff are enough? And how do you get the most return on the additional staff? Research-based staffing models will be presented for the campus, district, and central administration staff. In addition, a staffing model that uses student achievement as a guide will be presented to determine the academic return on investment for full-time equivalent (FTE) staff. This session was originally recorded for the 2020 Envision virtual conference.   

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Identify staffing models to guide the human capital resource during the budget process.

Objective 2: Understand a data collection system for identifying the academic return of investment on staff productivity.

Objective 3: Utilize a framework of staffing tied to student achievement.


Karen Wiesman, Associate Superintendent for Business and Finance, Mansfield Independent School District, Venus, TX

Knowledge Level:


SFO Domain(s):

Budgeting and Reporting Activities


1.0   SFO

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