Technology to the Rescue: Revamping Business Office Routines in a COVID-19 World

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Recent events have caused us to pause and re-think the future of schools, especially school finance. We rapidly transitioned into an environment that exposed the fact that we were not prepared. We now are considering how to foster remote learning environments and are relying on technology for key job functions. The school business office could be making routine shifts to prepare for the future. By implementing modern technology, we can automate our workflows related to timesheets, purchase requisitions, PD requests, budget information collection, meetings, etc. Learn how you can adapt quickly and prepare for the future of learning and managing school districts. This session was originally recorded for the 2020 Envision virtual conference.   

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1:  Obtain knowledge of the future of learning, including how to prepare and enable learning from anywhere.
Objective 2:  Gain an understanding of how technology reforms and reorients human relationships vs. replaces them.
Objective 3:  Gain awareness of how technology provides an opportunity for every student and every person to learn at their own pace -and learn what they want, when they want.


Adrienne Ware, VP of Marketing Communications, Office Depot, Boca Raton, FL

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SFO Domain(s):

Management of Information Systems

1.0 SFO

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