Curriculum vs. Business Operations: Unpacking and Resolving Tensions Between Leaders

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As with many other sectors where qualified practitioners find the relationship with administrators at times challenging, the education sector is no different. Just as clinicians have at times been at odds with hospital administrators, headteachers and principals have sometimes found it difficult to come to terms with non-pedagogical leaders enjoying a senior strategic decision-making role. Better understand the origins of these tensions, explore misunderstandings, and some solutions that are based on encouraging evidence of improvements in some contexts and settings, including the decision-making process during the COVID-19 pandemic. This session was originally recorded for the 2020 Envision virtual conference.   

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Implement lessons learned from national and international research.

Objective 2: Learn how to develop better working relationships with key stakeholders, teachers, administrators, and the community.

Objective 3: Develop a sense of common purpose and how to avoid alienating key leadership groups.


Stephen Morales, Chief Executive, Institute of School Business Leadership, Coventry, UK

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Financial Planning and Analysis


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