Communicating Financial Information So People Understand It—Yes, It’s Possible!

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You know the difference between a ledger and a legend, a promissory note and a prominent notice, a fiduciary responsibility, and a fictitious reptile...BUT, do your patrons and parents? How about your teachers and staff? Explaining the complexities of school finance to different audiences is one of the biggest challenges facing school district administrators. How do you make important financial information relevant, understandable, and relatable? Get some tips for talking to parents, patrons, and staff about financial issues in ways they can understand. This session was originally recorded for the 2020 Envision virtual conference.   

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Identify the main components of a communications plan.

Objective 2: Construct stories that illustrate financial/budget concepts or practices.

Objective 3: Apply the FOG index to financial reports or articles.


Kim Cranston, Executive Director, Missouri Association School Business Officials, Jefferson City, MO

Patricia Bedborough, CPA, SFO, Chief Financial Officer, Parkway C-2 SD, Cherterfield, MO

Knowledge Level:


SFO Domain(s):

Budgeting and Reporting Activities


1.0   SFO