The Challenging Business of Ensuring Student Safety and Security at Your School District

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As the years pass, new challenges emerge, from the occasional schoolyard scuffle to callous bullying to catastrophic cyberattacks. The foremost duty of any school business official is to ensure the safety and security of our students (and the peace of mind of their parents). Yet, this year has brought unprecedented challenges. How are you keeping up day over day? What’s keeping you up at night? For many, perhaps even most, it’s the next malicious cyberattack. There have been 907 (and counting) targeted attacks on school districts since 2016. Are your databases secure? Are your employee practices sound? Are your students safe? The presenters will demystify the complexity of cybersecurity, detail the risks, and outline immediate steps to help ensure the safety and security of your school district. This session was originally recorded for the 2020 Envision virtual conference.    

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Understand the compounding factors magnifying the risk of safety and security at your school.

Objective 2: Assess your current and desired future level of safety and security.

Objective 3: Know the immediate first steps you can take to better protect and defend critical business assets, the people within your business, and those you serve.


Brian K. O'Keeffe, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent of Finance/CSBO, Arbor Park School District 145, Oak Forest, IL

Tim Rahschulte, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Professional Development Academy

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Management of Information Systems


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