03_SFO Exam Prep Digital Flash Cards

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The SFO Exam Prep Digital Flash Cards are here to help you study before test day! Practice your test-taking skills and familiarize yourself with the question structure of the exam with over fifty digital practice questions that cover each of the exam areas.  Each of the five digital flash card decks can be taken limitless times. *Included in the SFO Exam Prep Workshop!


ASBO International

Content is for practice and informational purposes only. Copying, modifying, reproducing, and distributing is strictly prohibited without ASBO International’s expressed written consent and approval. Questions included in the SFO Exam Prep Digital Flashcards are not questions being asked on the SFO exam and are only to be interpreted as a tool for practicing test-taking skills and gaining familiarization of test question structure. 


The SFO study materials provided by ASBO International are tools used to help review the subject matter covered by the exam.  Study materials, in conjunction with the SFO Guidebook domain checklist, can assist candidates with discovering knowledge gaps which can be helpful when developing an individual study plan. Study aids such as exam tips, reference books, assessment practice questions, and other learning materials are aligned with the SFO Exam as outlined in the SFO Guidebook.  ASBO International professional facilitators do not have access to the SFO exam questions. It is recommended by the ASBO International Education Team that SFO candidates begin with comparing their professional experience and skill level with the knowledge, tasks, and skills assessment outlined under each domain in the SFO Guidebook; and based on these findings, create a personal study plan. In adherence to the best practices for certifying bodies, Certification Commission volunteers and certification staff are not involved in developing any preparatory program, and no preparatory program is endorsed by the Certification Commission nor is a prerequisite to earning the certification.

ASBO International study materials, including the SFO Exam Prep Workshop, shall not be reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part in any form, without the prior written consent of ASBO International.

For more information about SFO exam prep study materials, please contact education@asbointl.org

For more information about applying to take the SFO Exam, please contact certification@asbointl.org.

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