Using School-by-School Financials to Engage Stakeholders in Spending Decisions


New school-by-school spending data present an incredible opportunity for districts to examine how funds are deployed to schools in the context of student outcomes. This webinar explores how school-by-school spending data displays can be used to support thoughtful decision-making, and how districts can use these displays with proven communication protocols to engage stakeholders, especially principals and school staff, parents, community members, school board members and administrators. The information will be based on lessons from a US Department of Education pilot with 17 LEAs working to ensure these financial data live up to their promise of improving schooling.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Explore how school-by-school spending data can be used in ways that are clear and useful for decision-making.

Objective 2: Analyze spending data in conjunction with performance and other school-level data to make informed funding decisions that best meet local needs to improve student outcomes.

Objective 3: Examine communication strategies that can be utilized for meaningful conversations internally and with external stakeholders about resource allocation and the opportunities to improve equity and outcomes.


Katie Silberstein, Research Fellow, Edunomics Lab, Seattle, WA

Hannah Jarmolowski, Research Fellow, Edunomics Lab, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Knowledge Level:


Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


SFO Domain(s):

Financial Planning, Budget Planning, and Analysis



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