National Paid Leave, Are You Ready?


The recent explosion of new paid leave laws nationwide has refocused employers on absence management. The number of states with mandated paid family and medical leave continues to climb, and employers across the country are eyeing federal proposals and asking, “Are we ready for this?”  If your organization is wondering how best to prepare for a potential paid family and medical leave law, we’ll cover the proposals put forth in Congress and the plan supported by the Biden administration. We’ll also take a look at some of the common features of the state-based laws that have been passed across the country.  Armed with that information, you’ll leave the session with a better understanding of what current and future legislation means for you, what you should do to prepare for potential compliance risks, and what you can do to be ready if this legislation comes to your state.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Identify the different types of paid leave.

Objective 2: Detect what Paid Leave proposals in Congress look like.

Objective 3: Understand how to manage leave under this law.


Jessica Frier – Attorney, Senior Health & Welfare Plan Consultant  for American Fidelity

Lisa Stevens – Account Development Executive, Benefits Specialist, AFA  for American Fidelity

Knowledge Level:


Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


SFO Domain(s):

Management of Human Resources



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