Recipe for Preparing an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report? Just Add the Statistical Section

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Start from Scratch? NO! --if you prepare an annual financial report why not take it to the next step? The statistical section is the most time-consuming project in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report process. This session will include an Excel template with sample resources and websites. Even if you are already completing an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, these tips and techniques on using the statistical section for long-range planning and bond rating questions will benefit you. In addition, a short review of the checklist and process will be provided. And then, BAM! you've completed your first Annual Comprehensive Financial Report!

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Review the process for completing the statistical section of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, with the sample Excel template.

Objective 2: identify the required components of the statistical section.

Objective 3: Review and identify statistical sections used for long-range planning and bond programs.


Karen Wiesman, Ed.D., CPA, CFE

Carla Settle, Executive Director of Finance at Cedar Hill ISD

Knowledge Level:


SFO Domain(s):

Management of Accounting Functions

Field of Study:

Accounting (Governmental)



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