ASBO Wellness: System Reset: Mental Centering, Mindful Movement, and Guided Relaxation

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In this 30-minute session you will learn simple ways to create a mental break for yourself using tools you can carry around with you every day, connect mind to body and nourish joints with simple movements, and then join in a guided relaxation exercise. Adding these techniques to your “self-care toolkit” can help you regulate your nervous system, maintain joint health, and manage your responses to stressful situations.


Objective 1: Understand what it means for your nervous system to “take a break” and how to facilitate it.

Objective 2: Identify the tools you already have for downregulating your nervous system.

Objective 3: Learn the basic elements of creating your own personal system re-set techniques no matter how little time you have.

Led By:

Anna Billman

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