COVID Budget Cutting: How to Reduce Healthcare Costs by up to 30%


COVID is forcing school districts to find ways of funding remote learning, expand food service, and fund the cost of reopening schools in a COVID environment. Finding additional funds to cover these costs in a school budget won’t be easy. Health benefits are often a potential target for cost savings, but can savings be gained without cutting benefits? ELAP has been providing 15–30% savings over typical PPO health plans for more than a decade. Reference Based Pricing (RBP) can help control spiraling hospital costs and drive meaningful savings to help lower medical spend for both the district and its employees.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Learn what reference-based pricing is and how it works with your health plan.

Objective 2: Understand why the price-protection of RBP is a game-changer with COVID claims.

Objective 3: Know what other employers have saved with RBP and how they’ve invested that savings back into their business.

Objective 4: Discover how Reference Based Pricing can also save employees a significant amount on their healthcare costs.


Tom Wittick, SVP of Growth, ELAP Services

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