Ask, Share, Network - How to Grow as an SBO


Have you ever had those days when you think there has to be an easier way to accomplish a task and you wonder how other districts are doing it and what their systems look like?  Networking with other School Business Officials can not only expose you to a plethora of industry knowledge, but also allows you to learn how to complete tasks more efficiently and grow in your skill set.  The presenters will introduce and demonstrate various tools that can be used to create and utilize a network of SBOs to enhance your job and share various resources.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Understand how to network with people of all levels of knowledge in our jobs as we can learn new perspectives from new members as well as the new members learning from an experienced SBO.

Objective 2: Explore various ways to efficiently share knowledge within the SBO Network.

Objective 3: Review the importance of recruitment and personal professional growth.


Laura Morine, Director of Finance, Independence Community School District, Independence, Iowa

Kris Smith, Business Manager, South Winneshiek Community School District, Calmar, Iowa

Knowledge Level:


Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


SFO Domain(s):

Management of Human Resource Functions



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