Data, Statistics, and Analysis Bundle


Using data to answer important questions is critical to the success of any business.  Gathering, analyzing and presenting the correct data can make or break the trust that exists between you and your stakeholders. This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that will teach you the elements of a sound strategy, how to use data as a strategic asset (DASA), and how to use various statistical analysis tools and techniques.

SFO Domain:

Financial Planning, Budget Planning, and Analysis



Module 1: Analyzing Data Using the DASA Model


Using data to answer questions is critical to successful business practices. In this 20-minute lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Data as a Strategic Asset (DASA) Model to identify and answer relevant business questions based on data-driven insights.

Module 2: Statistical Analysis Tools & Techniques


Descriptive statistics can be used to drive businesses to success. This 20-minute lesson will enable you to understand which statistics may be important to your business and how you can display them visually for other people to understand.

Module 3: Strategy Execution: Elements of a Sound Strategy


Just as it’s important to identify the key elements of a strategy, it’s also important to get the feedback and buy-in from key stakeholders. This 20-minute lesson explores ways to identify key stakeholders, gather their inputs, manage data collected from them, and eventually modify the initial strategy to reflect their input.