Communicate Like a True Leader Bundle


Are you using your unique communication style to best of your ability?  Learn how to create persuasive messages that accommodate your audience’s needs, wants, and styles. This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that will help emphasize your sincerity and credibility, motivate your employees, and enable you to guide your team toward your vision of the future.

SFO Domain:

Management of Human Resource Functions



Module 1: Communication Skills of a Credible Leader


A leader’s communication style is fundamentally persuasive. If a leader is not credible and cannot inspire, motivate, and guide a team forward, then the team will fail. This 20-minute lesson explores ways a leader can earn, develop, and manage a reputation of trustworthiness and credibility.

Module 2: Motivating & Influencing Throughout the Organization


How can you get undivided attention without direct authority over your audience?  In this 20-minue lesson, you'll learn how to gain the respect of your audience and motivate and influence up and across your organization.

Module 3: Persuasive Communication Skills for Leaders


Whether it’s convincing stakeholders to take risks, encouraging peers to take action, or influencing subordinates to get on board, the art of persuasion is key for organizational leaders. In this 20-minute lesson, you’ll learn how to create persuasive messages that will accommodate to your audience’s needs, wants, and styles.