The Manager's Guide to Conflict Resolution Bundle


Is your team divided or having a hard time getting on the same page?  Are you juggling various personality types and attitudes that don't seem to mesh? This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that will cover topics on how to  facilitate trust and communication between employees, how to manage conflict proactively, and how to foster a motivational climate.

SFO Domain:

Management of Human Resource Functions



Module 1:The Manager's Role as a Facilitator


Managers have a multi-faceted role where they need to juggle working with various personality types and attitudes.  In this 20-minute lesson, you will learn about what facilitation is, how a manager can use factors such as trust and communication to facilitate, and the various attitudes and beliefs a good facilitator should have.

Module 2: Resolving Conflict in the Workplace


Effective managers hold difficult conversations calmly and assertively and leverage potential conflict as an opportunity to enhance work relationships. This 20-minute lesson will help you with techniques to manage conflict proactively and effectively.

Module 3: Creating a Motivational Climate


Don’t fall into the common trap of misunderstanding what motivates your employees. This 20-minute lesson will give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand what motivations will really drive the performance of your individual team members.