Understanding Accounting Fundamentals Bundle


Do you want to become more comfortable with double entry accounting and learn soft skills that are vital to the Controller's role? This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that will revisit the fundamentals of basic accounting and help you build confidence in your technical skills to become proficient in accounting areas beyond the basics.

SFO Domain:

Management of Accounting Functions



Module 1: Accounting 101


Understanding basic accounting will not only help you with business, it will also help you better manage your personal finances. This 20-minute lesson will give you a basic understanding and confidence around the fundamentals of accounting.

Module 2: Balancing the Books: Booking Journal Entries


Double entry accounting doesn’t have to be scary. This 20-minute lesson will give you the knowledge and skills you need to journalize your debit and credit account entries and balance your books.

Module 3: The Role of the Controller


In today’s business world, the Controller is no longer expected to spend most of their time resolving accounting issues. They need to have an array of soft and technical skills in order to remain effective and succeed. This 20-minute lesson will help you understand the role of the Controller and what it takes to be successful in that role.