Time Management and Planning Power Bundle


Is managing your time effectively just another thing on your list of things to do?  This micro bundle contains four 20-minute nano modules that will explore the root causes of inefficient and unproductive work habits and provide insight on how problem solving and decision making tools can be used to organize your daily tasks.  You'll also learn how to fine-tune your business writing skills, prioritize and set goals and create thoughtfully structured routines that allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your time and projects.

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Module 1: Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools


During our daily tasks, we often come across or find ourselves in situations requiring problem solving and decision making skills.  In this 20-minute lesson, you will learn about the difference between problems and decisions including types of decisions, and three effective decision making tools. 

Module 2: Planning for Success


One of the keys to personal and professional success is the ability to plan effectively. In this 20-minute lesson, you’ll learn how to  set goals, align your tasks to those goals, and then prioritize and schedule those tasks effectively.

Module 3: Routines that Support Efficiency and Productivity


One of the most effective skills you can have in life is powerful and effective time management.  In this 20-minute lesson, you will understand the root causes of inefficient and unproductive work habits and how thoughtfully structured work routines can help. You will also learn to utilize technology for creating routines and writing effective emails.

Module 4: Principles of Effective Business Writing


Business writing is key to communication in your professional life. With time intensive workdays, it is important to ensure that your business communication is short but succinct. In this 20-minute lesson, you will learn specific tips and tricks to effective business writing to polish your business communication.