Power Presenter Bundle


Establish presence and leave a positive impression on your staff and key stakeholders. This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that examine ways in which you can develop and organize your presentation content and establish a greater presence using both non-verbal and verbal communication tactics.

SFO Domain:

External Domain



Module 1: Establishing Presence and Credibility


Your presence and reputation at work influence your success on the job. This lesson will help you understand the four ways to establish a greater presence and credibility at work.

Module 2: Developing and Organizing Presentation Content


The way in which you develop and organize your content can make or break your presentation. This 20-minute lesson will show you what you need to do to organize your thoughts and information so it will create an engaging presentation that’s right for your audience.

Module 3: Key Presentation Skills: Balancing Verbal and Non-Verbal Messages


A leadership role often requires interfacing with the senior management and other stakeholders in the form of meetings, which may include presentations on key points. Your audience may form an impression about you during your presentation. In this 20-minute lesson, you will learn specific non-verbal and verbal communication tactics to enhance your presentation sk