Master Trainer Bundle


No one enjoys boring, scatter brained training.  Do you want to learn how to maximize training time with your employees and leave them wanting more?  This micro bundle contains four 20-minute nano modules that will teach you how to use the ADDIE methodology  to build an effective learning experience that will speak to employees with various skill sets. You will also explore ways to maximize learner engagement through the selection of the perfect interactive tools and training  techniques that will make your training an experience to remember.

SFO Domain:

Management of Human Resource Functions



Module 1: The ADDIE Model


Are you new to a training role? Have you ever had to design a training course? Conducting training and designing training include different skillsets. During this 20-minute lesson, you will be provided with some instructional design best practices as well as an overview of the ADDIE model, which is a methodology used by instructional designers to design and build effective learning experiences.

Module 2: Experiential Learning: Maximizing Learner Engagement


Managers are required to train their teams. This 20-minute lesson will help you to select and use experiential learning activities to support training goals and meet training challenges respectively.

Module 3: Beyond Lecture: Training Tools to Enhance Training


No one enjoys having to sit through a boring, mandatory training lecture. In this 20-minute lesson, you’ll learn about some tools and techniques you can use to make training more interactive, engaging, and effective.

Module 4: Facilitation Skills for Trainers


Are you new to training and looking for ways to engage your audience? This 20-minute lesson will show you a variety of tools you can use when facilitating a training program.