Rockstar Team Leader Bundle


Learn how to empower yourself as a true leader. This micro bundle contains three 20-minute nano modules that will teach you how to lead with emotional intelligence in the workplace, build credibility and trust in the workplace; and how to build your strengths and image as a REAL team player.

SFO Domain:

External Domain



Module 1: Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (20-minute module)


The most effective managers are those who can channel their emotional intelligence to connect, achieve, inspire, and act with resilience.  By applying the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader, you’ll give yourself a winning edge.

Module 2: Building Credibility and Trust for Improved Communication (20-minute module)


Managers build credibility and trust through effective communication. This 20-minute lesson will help you with strategies to build self-confidence and improve your credibility and trustworthiness with coworkers. 

Module 3: Building Your Strengths as a REAL Team Player (20-minute module)


The effectiveness of a team is determined by the effectiveness of each team player. A REAL team player is anyone who accepts responsibilities, is empowered to make things better, accepts accountability, and learns enthusiastically and continuously. This 20-minute lesson will provide an insight into traits and behaviors of REAL team players.